Tribal Tattoo Design Explained

Tribal Tattoos have their origin somewhere in the ancient tribes of Polynesia. However this tattoo style had a popularity boost in the 90’s with the rock artists of that time.

Tribal tattoo designs vary a lot, from armbands to back tattoos, chest or stomach tattoos. Their unique style has some characteristics common to all tribal tattoos: these tattoos are darker than traditional ones; also they use curved lines that go along the human body and are not colorful as the traditional tattoos.

Although Tribal tattoos are considered simple designs, this is not true since a Tribal tattoo has to have an even color (not an easy thing to do) and be applied along the musculature of the body.

You are thinking of getting a Tribal Tattoo?

Here are some quick tips about the meaning of the common animals pictured in Tribal Tattoos.

  • Hawk: this represents wisdom, knowledge and prevision (it’s the most popular Tribal animal)
  • Lion: means the sun, power and bravery
  • Snake: associated with fertility, luck and reincarnation
  • Jaguar: symbolizes the message from the gods
  • Dolphin: seen as purity, good and intelligence
  • Dragonfly: shaman, optimism
  • Wolf: the guardian, loyalty, intuition
  • Bear: strength and power, instinct.

Choose wisely, as getting a tattoo is serious business and tattoo removal is not an easy thing to do, it’s expensive and painful, so try to think if you will like the tattoo after a while and make the best decision possible.

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