The Lower Back Tattoo: Stylish and Sexy

Tattoos that are done on the lower back are considered to be incredibly trendy and popular. This is because the lower back is seen to be a great place to have a tattoo on because of its large and flat surface area. It is also easy to hide or conceal if you have to. And another reason is that, lower back tattoos are just nice to look at or show off. However, a lower back tattoo is still a tattoo which would mean that it would be permanent, you would have to be sure that the choice of design you are making will be the best and most suitable for your style and personality.

As you start your search for a tattoo to be done on your lower back, you would have to consider the shape of your lower back. You might want to look or go for a design which would be able to stylishly play up your body shape.

There are many people who choose designs which actually dip down in the area in the middle going towards their rears that creates an undeniable sexy look. Now, if you are contemplating on a design that would be positioned on your body as such, then good ideas would be flowers, butterflies, tribal designs and dragonflies.

A lot of design for lower back tattoos are either made up of swirls or curls which radiate out going to the sides of your back, wile still maintaining a central theme which is in the middle area that would serve as the main design or body of the tattoo. A reason to explain this is that creating such a design would help the tattoo to blend better and more seamlessly with the body, making it appear more natural, as if it actually belongs there instead of looking awkward and clumsily made. For example, if you would be choosing to go for a floral design then you might want to pick a design which has a couple of branches or stems which spread outward going to the sides of your lower back with a bunch or cluster of flowers located in the middle.

Also another design which would be perfect to have done on the lower back would be a bird that has its wings extended. However not a lot of people use it. This design is a lot more unique than butterflies, flowers and tribal tattoos and could even look more beautiful when made on the lower back. Almost any type of bird could work ranging from songbirds to eagles.

You can also make use of zodiac signs or other astronomical and astrological designs. You could try to go with a stand-alone design or you could also have a tattoo artist try to add some more details on the edges so that it can work well with your back’s shape.

For those who are looking for a bit less girly design then dragons could be a good option. Dragons may be curved so they could be able to fit and accent your body shape.

Regardless of the design you ultimately use, you just have to make sure that it would be something that holds a special meaning to you and that you really like. Put a lot of thought into the design that you would be using on your lower back tattoo so you would not have any regrets in the end.

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