Types of Butterfly Tattoo Designs

From time immemorial, the human eye which is forever wondering has been captivated by the butterfly and this has led many people to get black and white butterfly tattoos. Its beautiful colors that flutter with much grace is just what is needed to leave the most uninterested people captivated. It is for this reason therefore that the butterfly is fast becoming the most sought after tattoos on planet earth or our skin in this particular case. Ever since the first of their kind was done, butterfly tattoos from Native America are meant to bring forth good wishes but in Asia, their meaning is totally different. in this part of the world this kind of tattoo would symbolize joy and happiness.

It should however be noted that a butterfly design can differ from another quite significantly. There are a number of ways though which you can come up with a butterfly design. Among the ones that most people prefer are the tribal kind. this normally entails a wispy thin form that makes a butterfly’s silhouette. Many people like the form of butterfly tattoos when in the Americana tattoos form because of the cartoonish style that they entail. More serious kinds of butterfly designs are portraits where it is very common to pull out designs from magazines and picture books. Although it is possible to have the design done in white and black it is commonly done in color to have more impact. To add to the butterfly designs that stand alone, the butterfly usually comes with vines and flowers within their design as well.

Black and white butterfly tattoos can be as appealing as the one that has many colors. it is also possible to have your butterfly tattoo done together with other designs like vines and flowers. There are very many kinds of designs that can be done and your imagination will be the only thing that is going to bind you. In addition to that this kind of tattoo is for the bold and daring babes. While black is known to add mystery to the tattoo, white is known to bring in peace. the tattoo goes on to have a light and dark, night and day look combined with sheer femininity and delicacy.

A number of well known people have fallen for the butterfly tattoo as well and this is among the reasons why more people continue to get this tattoo. Drew Barrymore is one of the famous people and she has a tattoo beneath her stomach as well as in the different pictorials that she has been seen in her career. Following in the footsteps of Barrymore are Melissa Joan Hart known for her role in the Sabrina Teenage Witch and Dolly Parton who have butterfly designs done onto their breasts. Nevertheless, of these celebrities the person who is most entitled to the tattoo is Mariah Carey because of the importance of this beautiful animal to her life. This is further justified by the fact that the sixth album she came up with was known as “Butterfly”. For the girls, the butterfly presents a ticket to individuality and sensuality. Select the location, style and you will be able to have great black and white butterfly tattoos.

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