Types of Gothic Art Tattoos

Gothic art tattoos are generally done in black with the rare use of white, purple and red to maintain the Gothic look. The basic Gothic look involves dressing in black clothes, black hair, very pale make up and the use of black eyeliners, black nail polishes, silver jewelry and of course gothic tattoos. This article aims to provide information on one of aspects of a typical gothic look which is gothic tattoos.

Gothic art tattoos have evolved into an essential part of the general gothic look. It is a representative of the subculture that greatly influenced many young people in Europe and the United States at around the same time in the late 1970’s. Contrary to popular belief, these tattoos are not related to evil or ill will but rather they represent religion and mythological characters of the medieval times. These types of Gothic art tattoos are very distinct and differ greatly with other types of tattoos.

One may be wondering which tattoos are characterized as either gothic fantasy art or gothic art tattoos. This is where the complication arises. Individuals who are interested in the gothic culture have imaginative, diverse and thrilling tastes and interests which are well represented in their gothic tattoos. The tattoos that are especially popular are the cross tattoos which are usually highly decorated. This is the way gothic culture fans celebrate death’s beauty.

Gothic art tattoos are categorized in to 2 classes namely:

1) Fantasy art gothic tattoos: images of fairies, dragons and such make up most of these fantasy art tattoos. These gothic art tattoos reflect the belief and the interests of people who lived in the medieval ages. The images on these tattoos tend to be imaginary and mythological in nature.

2) Occult tattoos: theses are gothic art tattoos that mainly deal with what can be referred to as ‘Occult’. The images on these tattoos relate to white witchcraft also known as The Tarot, Wicca, Viking Runes and any other prophesy and craft related to magic.

Images of the Pentacle, which is a star that has five points, the Athame, which is a blade with a double edge and any four elements related imagery, which are images relate to water, air, fire and earth, all fall under the category of Wicca tattoos. Most people assume that occult gothic art tattoos are evil but this is not the case. The images on these tattoos are not related to Satanism and are therefore, not evil. These tattoos are just but signs of early religions and beliefs which Goth enthusiasts search for and appreciate by having them tattooed on their bodies.

Gothic art tattoos are extremely different and diverse from the normal tattoos because they represent the interests and tastes of individuals who believe that they are part of the Goth culture and lifestyle. There are varying views regarding gothic tattoos. Some gothic tattoos are readily accepted by people than others. All the same, these gothic art tattoos not only represent intricate and beautiful designs but they also convey a message with a deep meaning.

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