Types of Meaningful Flower Tattoos

Flower Tattoos: Most pretty girls always like pretty flowers, so all girls who want to get meaningful flower tattoos should be aware that the pretty flowers may not necessarily mean what you always think. Out there are numerous beautiful flower tattoos such as daises, lily, jasmine, roses, lotus, orchids, sunflower and many more. However, you have to be sure that you know what all these flowers mean before getting one. Flower tattoos are popular themes for women. Such artwork can be colorful, unique and can also add an ingredient of beauty to the woman’s body.

Each of the following factors greatly contributes to the big number of women who decide to get meaningful flower tattoos as their body designs. There is a wide range of color variations of tattoo ink to choose from, making the possibilities endless. Many people consider flowers as serene, sweet and beautiful and that is the reason why for ages flowers have always been associated with women. Flowers represent beauty, love and procrastination in various forms.

Let us start with the rose tattoo design. The rose flower is always associated with love. It is believed to show love in its purest and true form. However, those roses that have prominent thorns show that true love is not always about a beautiful flower but also about some buried thorns that will pierce and bleed you.

Therefore it shows that real love also comes with huge sacrifices

The lotus flower design means spiritual and pure. This meaning originated from the Buddhist culture. Lotus flower also has a great significance in the Indian religion. This lotus flower is considered a flower of flawlessness because it comes out of the lakes and swamps but still manages to remain beautiful. This durable characteristic of this flower makes it a symbol of motivation for those people who have survived the challenges and struggles of life that come that people meeting their daily lives.

The jasmine tattoo designs are also among the meaningful flower tattoos and are related to love. In the Indian culture, it is used to symbolize love though it is not similar to a rose. Jasmine flower spreads its fragrance everywhere including when the flower is not visible. It is said to remind someone of their true love even when the lover is absent. Orchid tattoo designs: in the world of tattoos, orchid flower tattoo is a symbol of sex and reproduction. Though, orchid has other meanings such as beauty, love and many other attributes that are associated to women. So if you are thinking about getting meaningful flower tattoos, keep the meaning of the orchid flower in mind.

Lily tattoo designs : a white petal of the lily flower symbolizes innocence and purity. However in some other cultures it is also a sign of physical form of love. So what do you really want your flower tattoos to mean! The sunflower tattoo design does not just mean one but several things. It symbolizes love for God or the sun. Additionally, in an attractive way it is also a symbol of the sun. However, some people may think it as pointless love for the sun and that it indicates infatuation but not the true consequential love. At least you now understand more about meaningful flower tattoos.


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