Unique Hand Tattoos over the Years!

Tattoos for the hand are he tattoos originally came from the tribal clans who used tattoos mainly to identify members of the same clan. Later, these came to be used by prisoners, convicts and murderers. Besides, people who believed in being macho and show themselves off as the macho men also started wearing tattoos on their upper arm.

These tattoos generally ranged from crossed skulls to weapons and war scenes. When the soldiers and military are perhaps the most famous and wanted of all the tattoos. This is because tattoos worn on any other part of the body are not as visible as those on the men came to use these tattoos, a new concept of patriotic tattoos, wearing the busts of famous statesmen or the national symbols on their hands and some would ink in palm as well.

The tattoo mania, as it spread, brought in its shade the singers, rock stars and artists who painted tattoos of different symbols with various connotations to ink with a creative hand tattoo. Their fan following started tattooing similarly or with them as groups. And the tattoos finally stopped being a just a boys’ thing. Daring girls started tattooing petite symbols as seahorses, cherry blossoms and zodiac signs on their hands. These looked feminine and carried an aura of elegance. Henna tattooing is very famous for girls who want to try a temporary tattoo on their hand without wearing them permanently.

The most loved designs for the hands have been the designs that designated power and strong will. Among various popular tattoo galleries, the demon tattoos, the devil and Gargoyle are as famous as the Celtic crosses. The patriotic tattoos, those worn by the singers or tattoos depicting them as also famous. Tribal hand tattoos remain the all time favorite tattoos for the hand as they have more designs than any others and are full of symbolism.

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