UV Tattoos

UV tattoos have been all the rage with ravers in recent years. They glowing works of art are popular among people that want to be more discreet about their tattoos. UV ink is used to spruce up an old tattoo with some black light glowing accents. Although UV tattoos look cool there is mounting concern they might not be too good for you health.

The chemical makeup of the different UV ink has some worried. UV tattoos have been responsible for skin rashes, infections and some doctors fear it is a carcinogenic. Some artist won’t work with the ink and others have no problem using it. With no ink regulations artists can use what they deem safe and make their own ink. Phosphorus has been taken out of UV inks due to the body rejecting the ink.

Regardless of what is being eliminated from UV ink, there is no telling what is safe to use until the Federal government steps in to regulate tattoos. Some tattoo shops advertise that their UV ink is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) It is approved as a tracking liquid that is injected in to fish, not for human body art.

I think that more studies should be done and that inks should be regulated by the Federal government. Artists might know what they are dealing with, but there are also some that don’t want to mess with it. Regardless of the lack of regulations, or cancer warnings, there are some that still want a UV tattoo.

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