Various Wrist Tattoo Ideas

When choosing between different wrist tattoo ideas, note that it will always be visible and so you should go for a design that is not subject to misinterpretation and a design that you will not get sick of quickly.

You should get a wrist tattoo that has a special meaning to you so that you can feel better whenever you look at it. You should not rush into a wrist tattoo. If you do, you may get sick of it and this means you will have to undergo the painful process of tattoo removal.

There are several facts about wrist tattoo that you should know before getting the tattoo. Since the wrist is not fleshy, the process will be painful. This means if you have a low threshold of pain, you should consider having your tattoo in a part of your body that has more flesh. You should also note that wrist tattoos take longer to heal compared to tattoos in other parts of the body. This is because the wrist area is very exposed. For the same reason, the tattoo will need to be refurbished regularly to maintain its sharpness.

When considering wrist tattoo ideas, note that you will need to be 100% committed to the tattoo design and if you will not be, you should not do it. According to some reports, about a quarter of all people who get wrist tattoos end up regretting having the tattoo and some end up removing the tattoo. You should have a tattoo of something that has special meaning to you to prevent the risk of getting tired with the tattoo in the future.

If you go for a wrist tattoo design just because it is in fashion or just because your friends or some celebrity has a similar design, you may end up regretting your decision. Note that although tattoos gained mainstream acceptance in the 1950’s and the 1960’s, wrist tattoos are still associated with lesbians and gays. This should be an important consideration to make when choosing between wrist tattoo ideas because the tattoo may be easily misinterpreted. Although the world is slowly but surely integrating gays and lesbians in the society, most people are still homophobic.

There are several types of wrist tattoo designs. The most common of these designs are on the inner wrist, but some people prefer their wrist tattoos on top. Another popular wrist tattoo design is a bracelet-like design encircling the wrist. Wrist tattoos take many forms. Some people go for serpents, others go for crucifixes, and others go for proverbs and sayings. Other common symbols in wrist tattoo designs are nautical stars, Celtic knots, and Barbed wire. Most of the wrist tattoos are in English, but other popular languages in tattoo designs are Kanji and Sanskrit. The most common wrist tattoo designs in women are flowers, hearts, kissing lips, butterflies, and fairies. Whenever you want to hide a wrist tattoo, you can hide it with your sleeve. Do thorough research when searching for wrist tattoo ideas, be sure of your decision, and get a good tattoo artist. Compare as many wrist tattoo ideas as possible to increase your chances of getting one you like.

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