Weird Places for Tattoos

Unusual places for a tattoo include: between your toes, inside your lip, on your tongue, armpit, ears, nose, eyelids, on your head under your hair, and bit down under your belly button (nuff said).

There are a lot of weird places for tattoos. Or, let’s say there are a lot of weird places that people have put tattoos. I’m not sure how good of an idea it is to put one on the inside of your lip, or on your tongue, but it has been done before.

I think a lot of people that are interested in weird places to put a tattoo may like the idea of having a tattoo, as well as having it in a non-obvious place so most people would not notice unless they told or it was showed to them.

Tattoos on the scalp or anywhere on your head under your hair would be a place easily hidden or shown. Of course, that would mean you would have to shave that part of your head and would have a huge impact on what kind of hairstyles you could have when showing your tattoo!

Other more common, but discrete places to put a tattoo are around your ankle, behind your ear, belly button, lower back, side of the hip, back of the neck, inside or your thighs, or the side of the neck.

Very common places for tattoos are: Arm, shoulder, shoulder blade, chest, wrist, hand, ankle, calf, circling the calves, outer thighs, upper buttocks, hips, and upper back. Something to think about if you’re considering putting a tattoo in a weird place is what are some of the most painful places to get a tattoo.

Some people refer to a lower back tattoo on women as a «tramp stamp». However, the lower back is a pretty ideal place for women to get a tattoo. One reason is that many people find it sexy. Another reason is that this is an area of the body that changes very little over time. A belly button tattoo is probably not going to look the same after a baby. Same goes for other areas over time.

Hands and even Feet are not always recommended or considered the best location for tattoos because they are both so heavily used in day to day life. The abuse that our hands and feet take will take a toll on any tattoo in those areas. These are areas of our body that are regularly exposed to the sun, wind, rain, and that we use (or abuse) regularly. Just another thing to consider as think about location, location, location!

Some of the more painful spots are also less likely to see as much change over time as others (behind the ear, spine, etc…). This is because many thin skin and close to bone locations also tend to stay more consistent over time. Since a tattoo is something that you will have for the rest of your life, taking into consideration the area of the body and how it will age over time is highly advisable. Be sure to consult with a professional tattoo artist that you can trust before you make any final decisions.

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