What Exactly Is Rejuvi Tattoo Removal?

Rejuvi Tattoo Removal isn’t a do it yourself tattoo removal product like many of the other tattoo removal cream products like Wrecking Balm on this site but it’s worth mentioning. The method is basically a form of reverse tattooing. The company claims that it’s effective for both removing permanent makeup tattoos and traditional tattoos. They report that their product works on all colors of tattoo ink. They also claim that their product can effectively remove permanent makeup tattoos in only one session. Regular tattoos will probably take between three to seven sessions.

The company also claims that the tattoo removal product is successful in removing of micorpigmentation or permanent makeup nearly 100% of the time. Regular tattoos generally have the ink deposited deeper in the skin and the success rate isn’t quite as good for them. They claim a 92% success rate and scaring in 6% of patients. They suggest that scarring can be kept to a minimum if several sessions are used versus one session where the technician tries to remove the tattoo all at once.

Here how Rejuvi tattoo remover system works. It works differently than tattoo removal cream.

First a topical anesthetic is applied to minimize the pain that the patient will have to endure. This is not absolutely required but it will make the patient more comfortable and is therefore advised.
The specially formulated Rejuvi tattoo removal solution is then injected into the tattoo with the tattoo gun or cosmetic rotary machine. The tattoo removal technician must take care to deposit the solution into every spot of the tattoo. This can be challenging because unlike applying a tattoo, the Rejuvi product does not deposit ink beneath the skin. If the technician isn’t careful, he or she can easily miss injecting the Rejuvi tattoo remover into some portions of the tattoo.
The patient then returns home and waits for a scab to form over the tattoo. The Rejuvi product is made up of alkaline earth metal oxides and transitional metal oxides which are similar in particle size to tattoo ink. When the Rejuvi solution makes contact with the tattoo ink, the ink binds with the solution. Unlike tattoo ink, the human body will naturally want to reject the Rejuvi tattoo removal solution. The body forces the solution, which now contains the tattoo ink to the surface of the skin in the form of a scab or crust. This scab is eventually naturally sloughed off taking the tattoo ink with it. This step takes between seven and 25 days to complete.
During step four, the skin will likely become quite red and the skin may actually be slightly raised or swollen in appearance. This is normal and will go away withing one to six months. Applying Rejuvi “h” Super Soothing Cream every day will help with the healing process during step four.
The Rejuvi tattoo fading system is reported to work equally well on both new and old tattoos. The way in which the treated area is cared for after the procedure will have a significant impact on whether scarring takes place. Picking the scab off or scratching the area is not advised as this may cause infection and scarring.

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