What Tattoo Lettering You Should Ink

Tattoo lovers are of different kinds. There are some who like only designs and some who choose to have lettering accompanying their design or just have the lettering alone that convey the message. Some of the often used letterings are as follows.

1. Love/ Hate Tattoos:

Earlier the love or hate tattoos were common, but now you see it few and far between. These tattoos are usually pierced on the knuckles so that it stands apart.

Sometimes these words are accompanied by an image of the object, animal or person with which the emotion is related. The images are tattooed with the words in a specific font or with a banner in which the words are incorporated.

2. “In Memory of” Tattoo:

This tattoo is called a dedication tattoo. The words “in memory of” is accompanied by the design of the object, animal, person or accompanied by name of institution, revered person, name of their native land etc.

It reflects an emotional bonding of the person with the theme of the design and pays tribute to its memory. Many people also write the names of their near and dear ones who they have lost.

3. Chinese Alphabets Tattoos:

The Chinese alphabets tattoo is an art by itself. They are a fusion of design and letters which reflects the personality or goals of the individual. Some people do opt to get a tattoo design accompanied by Chinese lettering. Care should be taken while tattooing the Chinese alphabets because even a small extra stroke can change the meaning of the word. It would be sensible to take along a person who knows Chinese or a professional translator if you are inking Chinese alphabets.

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