What to Expect When Getting Tatooed

Your artist will ask you where you want the design and will put a stencil on the skin. If you want to make any changes now is the time to speak up.

Your artist will put on sterile gloves and open the needle package. The machine will make a buzzing noise. When the needle enters the skin, it will feel like a cat scratch or a bee sting. Most tatoo customers say that they were expecting the pain to be much worse that it actually was.

There is very little blood associated with tatooing. The needles do not penetrate the skin deep enough to draw from veins or blood vessels. The pigment is put into the third, or Dermis, layer of the skin which is not exfoliated by the body naturally. That is why tatoos are permanent.

When your tatoo is complete, you will be able to see the finished product. The area will probably be a little red and may be welted. You also may notice a few beads of blood, this is all normal. Your artist will put ointment on the tatoo and cover it with some gauze. And thats all there is to it!

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