What To Look For In A Tattoo Idea Site

Online tattoo idea sites were supposed to make choosing tattoo designs more convenient to people. Having too many sites, however, has people confused not only with which tattoo designs to chose but also on which sites to choose the designs from. How can you make sure that you are using the best tattoo idea site? Here are some things that you should look for in a tattoo website or gallery.

Designs and Categories

Look for a tattoo site with a wide range of designs to choose from. Both free and paid sites boast that they have sites filled with thousands of designs. It would be great though if a site could also offer you the approximate number of designs that they have.

You don’t want to get into a site with an unproven claim of being the biggest online gallery. At the same time, you should also choose a tattoo idea site that has a very organized collection of designs. You should be able to search by using tattoo category keywords.

Policies and Terms of Service

Reputable tattoo galleries online don’t simply offer their designs for free for an unlimited period of time. You should clearly look for the terms of service of a particular site. Read through the fine print and make sure that they clearly have details of payment and how much for how long will you be required to pay. You might be surprised that some scam tattoo idea sites have hidden fees or purposefully ambiguous instructions to weasel out more money from clients.


Getting a guarantee from the managers the site would give you a lot of peace of mind. Some sites will allow you to use and pay for the services of their sites but will guarantee a return of the money you spent if you are not satisfied. A policy like this will ensure that you have nothing to lose. Be careful though. Always make sure that you read and understand the money back guarantee policies or that you contact the site owner about it. Some policies have hidden rules that might rob you of your refund.

Flexible Membership

Choose a tattoo idea site that has flexible membership rules. Some sites have lower priced memberships that will expire after a prescribed period of time with an option for membership renewal. A lot of sites also offer lifetime memberships for a one time large fee.

Forums and Testimonials

Reputable online tattoo galleries always have a testimonial area or a members’ forum. This will let you know what people think of the site’s services. Forums in particular will also allow you greater freedom to interact with other members and ask them tattoo related topics and ideas.

Directories and Artists

Your tattoo site should also provide you with a comprehensive directory list of tattoo artists and shops where you can choose from. You would want this feature to save you the trouble and effort of locating a shop yourself. It would be an even better feature if an online tattoo site could offer reviews of local shops and artists.

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