White Pride Tattoos: Suggestive of White Supremacy

White pride tattoos also referred to as white power tattoos or WP tattoos, are quite controversial, while some claim that they aren’t meant to advocate violence against another race, some believe that they are suggestive of white supremacy. Either ways, because of the controversy surrounding the white pride tattoos some countries have issued a ban against them, while some others do not officially term it as illegal, people with white pride tattoos get into trouble if caught by police for various reasons. Also, at a workplace or in a professional setting, if an employee is found with a WP tattoo, chances are the job will certainly be in jeopardy. People often conclude that getting a WP tattoo is indicative of racial prejudice and supremacy.

Several groups or gangs like the Peckerwoods, Nazi Low Riders started by Aryan Brotherhood etc.; propagated joining these groups was an indication of loyalty to the white race. Members belonging to these gangs commonly sport tattoos that propagate white supremacy by designing tattoos that read as SWP (Supreme White Power), White Power, the symbol of the swastika, Heil Hitler or 88, symbols of lightening and other similar pro Hitler designs.

Due to an increase in criminal activities including murders and other subhuman attacks conducted by members of such gangs, people sporting these tattoos were considered to be pro racism and to be aligned with these groups. Hence these tattoos are shrouded with extreme controversy and chances are the intentions of people sporting these tattoos will be doubted.

Lawmakers often feel, the purpose of bearing white pride tattoos is to intimidate and most of these white pride tattoos are often inscribed in prisons or in unprofessional settings because most professional tattoos artists do not design hate messages, controversial and racist tattoos, therefore these white pride tattoos are designed pathetically and do not follow and specific form and shape.

Therefore, even if white pride tattoos are designed with the noblest of intentions might not actually be perceived as that and might land people into unnecessary trouble and controversy. White pride tattoos have a criminal history and background which makes it difficult to even get any professional tattoo artist to design them.

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