Wild Tiger Tattoo Designs

If you’re looking to get in touch with your wild side, why not ink on a wild tiger tattoo? After all, tigers are famous for their ferocity and wildness, and if you’re someone who is a rebel, then the wild tiger tattoo will ensure that everyone views you as such! After all, if someone has a butterfly tattoo, we think of them as soft and placid people, who secretly have a yearning to fly!

In the same manner, if you’re fierce, then your wild tiger tattoo will work wonders in strengthening this trait! The wild tiger tattoo has a lot of deep beliefs behind it, especially for cultures in Asia, where it is believed to be a holy animal with a lot of powers!

The wild tiger tattoo is gaining popularity for the symbolism of strength. This is why so many folks want one! Skilled tattoo artists are very creative when it comes to wild tiger tattoos, and can draw you the perfect one depending on the size and amount of detail that you require. There are plenty of tiger images on the internet: any of these will do as the basic tattoo design source.

The characteristic black and orange stripes of the jungle tiger look incredible, but if you want, you can get an image of the albino tiger which has black and white stripes, usually found in Asia. Other wild tiger tattoos show the tiger with multi-colored stripes, which serves to show the magical traits that tigers are said to possess.

If you want to get a wild tiger tattoo inked onto your body, you will first need to look around to get a few good pictures of the tiger that you want. You can go online or check out some tattoo books until you come across something that captivates the eye. Your tattoo artist will help you modify the wild tiger tattoo design to make it exclusive for you, before etching it on the skin!

Any experienced tattoo artist will be able to produce beautiful and exotic likenesses of this graceful and ferocious animal. By going online, you should get a few good designs if you just type in ‘Tiger tattoos’ on Google! The size and position of the tiger should be ideal for the location you have in mind for it.

A tiger head is ideal for the upper arm or shoulder, but a huge complete tiger will take almost the entire length of the arm or leg. Wherever you get your wild tiger tattoo finally, do keep in mind that this is where you want it to be!

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