Wing Tattoos

A pair of wings can symbolize so many things, depending on what type of wings they are. Regular, feathered wings can be from a good angel, or a bad one, depending on how they’re created. Then there are monstrous wings that can be created as well.


Most people tend to place their wing tattoos on their back, but you can put them anywhere you’d really like to. If you’re going to be getting wing tattoos, however, especially large ones, there are a few things to remember.

Wing tattoos tend to be very intricate, which means that they need to be large very large. If they’re done too small, all you’ll see is a bunch of ink, and you won’t be able to see the defined wing.

Feathered wings tend to need to be the largest, due to the intricacies in the wing design. If you’re going to have large wing tattoos on your back, prepare for a few sessions of tattooing. While you may be able to handle the pain in one sitting, most people can’t, and it’s a lot of work for the tattoo artist as well. Generally you’ll need to have the wings placed in a few different sessions. The first session may be just inking the outline, and then in two or three more sessions the color or shading will be placed on the wings.

It’s also important to remember that you need to take proper care of your wing tattoos when you get them. Tattoos on the back, especially on women, tend to become very faded because of tanning. It’s not recommended to go tanning with any tattoos, as the ink winds up fading. Instead slather on the sunscreen, and keep any tattoos that you have as covered as you possibly can.

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