Writing Tattoos

Here is a compilation of the many different kinds of writing that are available with tattoos.

The first picture is of a small willow tree and the words “While I Breathe I Hope”. This is a nice little design as it has the small tree and the words incorporated in the roots.

The next image has the word “California” written very stylishly – with diamonds on each end and some red ink highlighting and framing the tattoo lettering.

Next is the word “Legacy” tattooed on the upper chest. The font is somewhat 3D and it sports some great looping to the L, G and Y tails.

Last are the words “Alis Volat Propriis” which means “She Flies By Her Own Wings”. The over all letting is very basic and clean, but with flourishes to each capital letter at the beginning of each word. Also again we see an additional touch, a nice small bird to really add to the writing’s meaning.

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