Yellow Rose with Dagger Tattoo

The meaning behind tattoos is not a definitive science. Different symbols have different meanings in different cultures. Individuals are reminded of different topics so it’s a very individual feeling. The combination of a dagger like knife with a delicate feminine rose is somewhat of a visual contradiction and that makes it all the more appealing. The flower takes away from the dangerous and darkness associated with a weapon. Here I’ve broken down the two individual symbols into common meaning they are associated with.


Rosebuds symbolize innocent youth and beauty.
Red rosebuds=pure & lovely, white rosebuds=girlhood & too young to love.
Single rose=simplicity and a bouquet signifies gratitude.
White roses=innocence and purity.
Red and white roses together, or white roses with red edges, signify unity.
Pink roses=grace and gentility.
Deep pink=gratitude and appreciation.
Light pink=admiration and sympathy.
Yellow roses=joy and gladness.
Red and yellow blends=jovial and happy feelings.
Coral or orange roses=enthusiasm & desire.
Deep burgundy rose=unconscious beauty.
Two roses taped, or wired together to form a single stem=an engagement or upcoming marriage.


The knife or dagger is a symbol of death, assault, blood-letting and possibly war. It is often used as part of a military design. The dagger has represented death even in ancient times and often was used as an important instrument in violent rituals involving sacrifices. It can represent the spilling of blood-the essence of life, which, has a powerful and potent meaning.

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